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Training Approach

Executive skills training, life coaching and Mentoring for Working professionals

Our approach reflects our commitment to equipping individuals and organisations with field-tested tools and techniques aligned to critical up-to-date industry standards for long lasting performance. At LearningKing, we provide a four-step researched, result oriented and strategic approach to our training including; Need Assessement, Content Customization, Dynamic Delivery and finanly Support. Along with our exclusively skilled training professionals, Our primary interest is in developing skills that improve Personal effectiveness, create and adapt to change, people management and leadership, business management and integration of latest technologies required in the ever evolving market place.

Assess, Situational Analysis

Our assessment process is scaleable and readily adapted to generate measurable data and insights concerning the performance of an entire organization or that of a specific department, team or individual

Build, Content Customisation

Improve performance through programs and coaching that address the talent-development topics most relevant to your organization. We incorporate company specific exercises, role plays and team building activities.

Deliver, Dynamic Training

Whether in-person, online, single-day or workshop, we deliver programs with content, formats and time-modules that are relevant to your audiences' particular objectives, KPI's, schedules and learning modes.

Support, Evaluation and Coaching

Our learning experiences include extended support to ensure new learning takes root through understanding and situational, hands-on application in the working place. We conduct refresher support sessions.

“The Best Way To Predict The Future Is To Acquire The Appropriate Skills To Create It..” LearningKing
Our Target

Who We Train

We also strive to design and deliver customised, effective Corporate Soft Skills training courses for a wide range of small and medium (SME’s) to large and global organisations looking to grow the skills of their leaders, managers, support staff employees, sales, customer service and operations teams. We understand that there is such a high value for your business in developing the skills of the people who manage it. Therefore, through our Bespoke training programmes we assure you that investing time in trainings result in many benefits for your business: